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My daughter studied ballet with Ms. Lucia from her 7th grade year until her high school graduation. Lucia’s professionalism and technical skill can only be matched by her compassion and genuine concern for her students. Her students gain not only physical grace, but all the positive attributes classical ballet can offer a child—diligence, confidence, and artistry. Lucia is tireless and passionate about providing high-quality, classical instruction to her students. She has also been a consistent advocate for the homeschooling community by creating a day program for homeschoolers and performing opportunities in the Greater New Orleans area. Studying ballet with Lucia leaves an imprint that remains long after a child has left the studio. Not all children will be become ballet dancers, but they can all become ballet lovers, patrons of an elegant art form, passed down to them by a caring and talented teacher. I am so thankful for the years and memories that I have from my daughter’s years with Lucia.

- Shannon M.

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